Established in 2022 and regularly sharing the possibilities of technology with its partners, Taygoo Partners provides all kinds of services to the companies in its ecosystem before and after the sale, and provides a suitable solution for their products to get the value they deserve in the market.

Taygoo Partners companies use all kinds of tools that reduce their costs effectively.

It ensures that its product gets the value it deserves in the international market.

Taygoo Ecosystem provides the necessary sales and all support for the creation of this value.

Taygoo Partaners companies with many business partners from different sectors; focuses on growing its own business by receiving a sustainable, transparent service. It grows its business and does not worry about sales.

With its 360 degree marketing strategy, it set out to meet all kinds of sales needs of manufacturers. In addition to its activities, Taygoo Marketing offers an integrated solution that includes partner companies, logistics, foreign trade, finance and human resources.

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